We begin by listening.

Internal stakeholders are involved in an ongoing conversation throughout the creative process. We create a strong relationship based on trust and transparency.

We follow a user-centered design process.

That means that we begin with an explicit understanding of the user. What are the user’s tasks, activities and environments?  What are the user’s motivations? In short, how does this product add value to the user’s life? The final design will be a bridge that unites the goals of the organization with those of the end user. 

Our process is iterative. 

We sketch out a user journey and create a series of prototypes that are used to validate our the design. Users have a voice throughout and the design is continually refactored based on this feedback loop.

After the implementation, comes the retrospective. 

Design does not end when the project goes live. It’s important for your organization to assess the return on investment for the project. I evaluate the real life results of the project, make suggestions for incremental improvement and next steps.